Young Earth Organics Raw Kombucha, Redford

Raw Organic, Fermented Sweet Tea

Young Earth Organics sets itself apart from ordinary carbonated beverages by using all-organic ingredients. It is fermented with care, & bottled in its raw state, never pasteurized. Giving your body what it needs to feel & stay looking young.

Kombucha is fermented sweet tea full of probiotics. It is a naturally carbonated beverage, a healthy alternative for soda pop and juice. Only 7 grams of sugar per bottle. Young Earth Organics uses all organic ingredients – tea, sugar, fruit, and filtered water. Kombucha is safe for all ages despite being fermented. Folks like drinking kombucha with meals as a digestive aid or by itself for vitamins, caffeine, and organic acids.

Brewed in Redford, MI, Young Earth's Kombucha has a smooth, non-medicinal taste. While Kombucha is fermented the average alcohol content of is less than 0.2%, well below the regulatory standard. In fact, orange juice and chewing gum contain more alcohol than Youn Earth Organics Kombucha!

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