Woodstock Foods, Providence, Rhode Island

Organic, Non GMO Foods from Wholesome, Natural Ingredients

For over 25 years, Woodstock Foods has been sharing their passion for organic, non GMO, not to mention incredibly delicious, food. They offer a wide range of products, including all types of condiments, pickles, peanut butter, frozen fruits & vegetables, granola, just to name a few. Their mission is to “celebrate foods that make you feel good about what you buy, eat, and serve your family.”

Woodstock values rich, wholesome ingredients, and sources only from natural farms that they know and trust. By choosing foods from Woodstock, not only are you getting exceptional products. You are also helping support farmers who believe in the organic, non GMO system, which in turn helps preserve our land and our environment. For Woodstock Foods, “good eating is a way of life.”

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