We here at Oliver Farms are proud to offer you a full line of Certified Organic Artisanal Raw Milk Cheese.

  • All of our cheese is handmade with loving care.
  • We use only our own certified organic milk in making our cheese.
  • We add no coloring and any seasoned cheese has only the finest organic ingredients added.
  • Our cultures contain no gmo's or modified organisms and the rennet is a vegatable base, not animal based like commercial cheese.
  • Sea Salt is used as the only preservative.

Oliver Farms Cheese Co. Fun Facts and FAQ

Fun Fact: Our cheese is made right on the farm from the milk of our own dairy cows. 

Q: What is raw milk cheese? 
A: Raw milk cheese is cheese made from whole unpasteurized milk. It has no dyes or coloring added, so it remains in an all natural state and the color only changes in the seasons. 

Fun Fact: Artisan Raw Milk Cheese is a learning experience! It is not ever exactly the same like the commercialized cheese industry. It is a living food that changes flavors and even textures over time. A perfect example is a cheddar that is more then a year old, as it ages it will become dry and flakey and flavorful well beyond what it was at 60 days old. 

Q: When does raw milk cheese go bad? 
A: Raw milk cheese if kept packaged correctly in the proper environment will never necessarily go bad, it will however aged into a sharper cheese with each passing week. Usually within a few months from time of purchase your cheddar will become medium or sharp. However, please note if left out in hot or humid environments it may turn or spoil like any food would do. 

Fun Fact: The beauty of raw milk cheese: It grows mold! The only mold that forms on cheese that is bad for you is black. If surface mold grows on your cheese simply cut it off and keep eating. 

Q: Why does the label say Soy Free? 
A: Our entire farm is soy free. Our cows are grass fed and only receive a limited amount of grain during the milking process. Many people are now learning about allergies to soy or soy based products due to the fact conventional foods are full of them. 

Fun Fact: Our family has been producing raw milk cheese now for over 9 years. We hope to keep it going for many more. Thank you for your continued support!


Oliver Farms Raw Milk Cheese