Ned's Pretzels® is a Michigan based, family owned Pretzel Company! All of our pretzels are made in Michigan!


Ned's Pretzels was established to generate profits to help support anti-bullying and anti-violence programs in communities throughout Michigan, to make a difference for a peaceful future. It is the goal and priority of the company to buy from Michigan businesses and farmers, whenever possible. Programs that Neds Pretzels supports.


At Neds Pretzels, our team is made up of talented, unique, and down-to-earth people whose passion for making tasty products goes beyond simply putting out delicious snacks. We believe in making a difference in our community, and we demonstrate this by supporting anti-bullying and anti-violence programs for a peaceful future.  It starts first with a desire for positive, powerful, peaceful change and continues with a great tasting variety of pretzels!

Neds Pretzels