David Yoder is one of the most pleasant fellows you will ever meet. David’s farm is located in Hanover, Michigan just south of Jackson County. He is a member of a wonderful Amish community that not only raise hogs for us, but also provide eggs from laying hens, their neighbors are Sunrise Poultry where we get our pastured eggs!

We have been buying David’s hogs every single week for over ten years and we are happy to be once again making it available to Michigan Farm to Family customers. Now in packaging private labelled for Michigan Farm to Family! His hogs are a mix of heritage breeds: Berkshire, Hampshire, and Chester White. They are fed a GMO-free feed, much of which he raises right on his own farm. David’s hogs are 100% pastured. Being out and about you might even have a hard time finding them in the fields and woods when you visit.

Michigan Farm to Family Pastured Pork from Yoder Amish Farms