We like to hang out in and around Detroit, but we don’t always want the alcohol as part of our ‘social’ lives. Yet ordering a glass of tap water, or awkwardly asking a bartender for a free ‘soda on the rocks,’ has simply become too frustrating nowadays. And certain times when we’re relaxing at home or exploring Michigan’s outdoors, we don’t want to grab an alcoholic drink, but holding a plastic bottle of sparkling water (or worse, an old-fashioned water brand our parents used to drink), just feels wrong. So we came up with a solution: make drinking sparkling water feel as cool as the moment. 

Turns out, drinking sparkling water out of an old school, long neck bottle just feels right.  And, it gives that little bit of confidence to socialize like the rest of the crowd, but without needing a crutch of alcohol to fit in. Above all, the taste of our sparkling water is legit - it matches the entire experience unlike anything that’s been done before.

Our friends who come over now know, if they’re not feeling it that night, they can still hang with the rest of the group drinking Käter Wingman, and feel just right…

- Tom and Dennis Chinonis

Käter Wingman