Taste is king! Graham’s Organics customers have come from other organic beef farms, and they keep coming back to our farm because of the taste of our beef. The taste comes from what the animal eats, and our animals’ feed is actively managed. Our years of experience make the difference. Knowing what to feed our Black Angus cattle, and the timing of that feed schedule; this is what creates the best tasting beef. Cattle can be called “organic” and be raised on whatever they forage. However, we actively managed our animal’s diet to create the best tasting beef for our customers.

Our returning customers are the best complement to our beef. We are even privileged to serve multiple generations of the same family.  Some customers have found our grassfed beef through the direction of their naturopathic doctors or chiropractors. Many customers come just for soup bones, to make organic health-sustaining beef stock or beef broth. Customers also like the security of knowing that our beef is raised from birth to processing – entirely on our farm. We control the feed, pasturing and processing of our organic beef.

Graham's Organics