In the humble beginnings of bringing to life a new family farm (though we prefer to think of it as a fort), caring for and reviving a storied 1890's farmhouse atop a hillside next to a pristine wetland. Diversity is abound and we aim only to add to it. We are in the early stages of establishing a permaculture of food production, starting small food forests, raising animals, and gardening as sustainably as possible, respecting the soil, and adding to the ecology of the landscape.

The best way to describe our practice is the term we coined, "Moreganic". Moreganic, because Certified Organic simply isn't good enough. We use no spray of any kind ever, instead choosing to rely on crop rotation, cover cropping, companion planting, beneficial insects, native birds and amphibians, regionally adapted heirloom seed, and the invaluable use of chickens to 'clean-up' and simultaneously apply rich fertilizer to our garden beds. The result is a healthy, well balanced system which provides the best tasting, most nutritious food possible to our community.

Garden Fort