The Conlin family bought a 200-acre farm near Chelsea in 1969. In 2011 Kelli Conlin moved into her grandmother’s house on the farm to continue the family’s traditions. She farms with a special attitude of kindness to the animals and the land. Each has a unique name (one of the cows is Gertrude Stein) and all are well-loved. “Fluffy Bottom” came about because the chickens, ducks, sheep and others have such cute bottoms.

Late last year, Fluffy Bottom Creamery products became available to the public. Kelli’s commitment is “uplifting heritage cows…. That our grandparents knew and loved as family cows”. The farm breeds Jersey cows, a type of heritage breed which produces much tastier milk than thelarger cows from which most yogurts come. This milk is known for being rich and creamy with a higher butterfat content.

Fluffy Bottom Farms