Ralph & Polly Egeler relocated from Grand Traverse, Michigan in 1955 to start their married life working on the car ferry and a farm, carrying on an extensive line of family farm traditions.

Eric, the youngest child, started working on the farm when he was 10. Nurturing his love of the land, plants, and animals. Animal welfare is a strong foundation of our ethics. How the animal is treated from start to finish is why we do not sell live animals. We have cows that are 12+ years old, living a spoiled life.

Taking notice in the 80s of the negative effects “traditional” farming practices were having on land, plants, and animals. The largest effect was the huge loss of micronutrients in the soils. In the early 1990s we slowly changed practices to regenerative farming. We became Regenerative before it was ”the thing to do.”

We are small family farm that is holistic and regenerative. We pride ourselves in having healthy and happy animals, or “fat and happy.” We are grass fed-finished operation raised on pasture that encompasses 2 watersheds. Regenerative to us is starting from the ground up, healthy soils are necessity. It is better for the plants, animals and the environment. Every day we focus on how to do our job better for our land and our animals. Reusing products, recycled paper for bedding, free ranging, natural fence rows, no hormones, no antibiotics, no chemicals, and minimal fertilizers.

Allison - Eric's intended, joined the farm in fall of 2019. Allison is also from an extensive line of family farms; she continued her passion for plants by obtaining her degree in horticulture from Michigan State University in 2004. She pursued her passion by working in horticulture. We are looking forward to adding greenhouses for flowers and veggies in the future! Sharing a passion for healthy soils, plants and animals is what brought us together!

This farm is our primary job and income, we work 10–16 hour days 7 days a week, and love what we do! We do this for love of the land, plants, and animals. We strive to do our best every day to provide a product we are proud of.

Egeler Family Farm