True Story Organic Meats & Sausages

Organic, GMO-Free, Antibiotic-Free, and Gluten-Free

So many of you have made requests for us to add high quality, healthy deli meats to our offerings. We searched the entire state of Michigan and came up empty-handed, so we decided that we would find the best company in the country, and we did. True Story is from the Bay Area, and they provide natural, GMO-free organic sausages, deli meats, and pork. Their principles are the same as ours:

Supporting farms with good farming practices! True Story practices fair trade with farmers, ensuring that the animals are raised humanely and without antibiotics, and creating a sustainable livelihood for generations of farmers to come. All animals are fed an all-vegetarian diet, and never fed antibiotics or growth enhancers, and live without undue stress or agitation.

The foods True Story makes are simply the healthiest and most mouth-watering meats you will ever taste. All of their recipes are crafted in their California Kitchens with artisan methods used for three generations: hand seasoning and netting of roasted turkeys and hams, using traditional all-natural casings, and hand tying sausage links. Their foods never contain synthetic nitrates or nitrites.

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