Triple B Heritage Farm, Mio

Pastured, GMO-Free, Michigan Amish Raised Heritage Pork

Triple B Heritage Farm is owned by Robert and Becky Byler, Amish farmers in Mio, Michigan. The Byler's have 100 hogs mixed from the heritage breeds of Gloucester and Berkshire. The pigs enjoy 25 acres of pasture and woods, rotated throughout the year. In winter, they are fed hay and supplemented with non-GMO grain and minerals. The pork is very flavorful and has a great texture.

Products we carry from Triple B Heritage Farm include all the popular cuts such as chops, roasts, hams, and ribs. Especially for summer grilling season, we carry a full line of brats including cherry brats, Italian brats, and jalapeno cheddar brats. Plus there is a full line up of your breakfast favorites such as bacon, sausage, and smoked links.

So make sure you're ready to fire up the grill after your pickup! Shop now for pastured, non-GMO, pork from Triple B Heritage Farm.

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