Todd Bean - Landmark Beef, Mt. Pleasant

100% Grass-fed Pastured Beef

As you can imagine, we have sampled grass-fed beef from many farms over the last several years. This is, hands down, the best grass-fed beef we have ever tasted. Landmark Pastoral Farms, LLC, is located on 500 acres near Mt. Pleasant, MI. The owner, Todd Bean, has been pasturing registered Black Angus cattle since 2012. His animals receive the best care money can buy.

In the summer, they graze on grass and alfalfa pastures and in the winter, they are fed baleage. The baleage is alfalfa grass, and clover hay that is baled and immediately wrapped after baling. By being baled and wrapped at a high moisture content, baleage maintains its high protein, which contributes to great marbling and heavier weights!

But, Todd says, “Good beef starts in the womb and that starts with good genetics.” Todd is very careful about his selection of bulls and it shows in the quality of beef. Cows are fed the baleage and very high-quality, organic mineral, especially while they are gestating. The result is calves born with additional muscle fibers. Calves do not add muscle fiber after birth, but rather, muscle fibers increase in size while they grow. More and larger fibers result in meat with better marbling and tenderness. Todd gives all his animals daily attention, including frequent brushing, which results in animals that have lived a low stress life all resulting in a delicious and tender beef.

There are several beef buying options including individual cuts, special bundles, and part or whole animal packages. Buying a whole, half, quarter or eighth of an animal is the most cost effective when you compare price per serving. So, if you have a freezer large enough and a family big enough to go through that amount a meat, save yourself some money and order in bulk. Alternatively, our special bundles are selected for variety and you still save a bit of money over buying the same amount of meat as individual retail cuts.

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