Sweet Ella's Penut Butter, Koeze Company, Grand Rapids, Michgian

Certified Organic, Made from Spanish Peanuts

Sweet Ella's 100% organic peanut butter is wholesome, honest and delicious. This smooth peanut butter is made in Michigan with only two ingredients: USDA organic Spanish peanuts and sea salt. There are no added preservatives, and it's not hydrogenated. This very flavorful nut butter has received official USDA certification.

Sweet Ella's organic peanut butter isn't mass produced. It's crafted in very small batches using vintage machinery. Koeze also takes extra care to remove the peanut skins, preserving the distinctively sweet flavor of the organic Spanish peanuts. Combine the finest peanuts, a careful de-skinning, and a slow roasting process and voila! You will truly appreciate the exceptional flavor of this organic peanut butter. If you're not addicted to peanut butter yet, you just might be after tasting Sweet Ella's!

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