Sunseed Farm, Ecological Vegetables

No Pesticides and GMO Free

Sunseed Farm, located in Dexter, started their CSA in Fall of 2010, on land from their CSA members Chip and Kathleen Letts. Tom Becker runs the small farm along with several other farmers dedicated to sustainability. They grow "ecologically", meaning their goal is to create a healthy ecosystem where animals, microbes, and plants thrive.

Sunseed Farm follows the standards outlined by the National Organic Program, but has chosen not to pursue organic certification, choosing instead to build long-term relationships with their customers. A majority of their produce goes to their CSA members, local chefs, and now Michigan Farm to Family. You can read more about Sunseed Farm's mission, farmers, and practices on their website.

Michigan Farm to Family is happy to be providing you with produce from Sunseed Farm including beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, chard, lettuce, peppers, garlic, kale, onions, tomatoes, squash and more! Not all of the produce will be available year round. We have listed the availability of a particular item on each product page.

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