Thanksgiving Collection: Mains

  • All items below are available for delivery November 20 - Christmas.
  • November 14: FINAL order deadline for turkeys.
  • November 20-23 (Saturday-Tuesday): FRESH turkeys (and anything else you include in your order) delivered to your home in time for the holiday! *If there is a turkey in your cart, please select a delivery date that falls within this range. Exact delivery date is dependent on your zip code.*

    A $50 non-refundable deposit will be charged upon confirmation of your order. If the delivery date offered in your area does not work for your schedule, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate any and all special requests. That's the bonus of working with a small, local business & knowing your turkey farmer!

    We have been working with Jim Biehl at Circle B Turkey Farm for a number of years. Circle B is licensed and inspected to do the processing and packaging right on his small farm. We pick up the turkeys that were processed on Thursday and Friday before Thanksgiving week in our refrigerated truck and deliver them to you. The turkeys are kept chilled the whole time - at the farm, on our refrigerated trucks, and in our walk-in coolers - and they have a 14 day shelf life – plenty of time to make it into your oven. And, still way more fresh than the frozen turkeys you can buy at the market or the so-called fresh turkeys that are shipped in from out of state. We will do our best to meet your size preference but please understand that the small farms we work with are not raising thousands of turkeys of all sizes so the weights we end up with can be difficult to predict. A lot of it depends on the weather and how much energy they need to expend to stay warm. If we are over or under your requested size by a couple of pounds we will contact you in advance.

    Thank you for choosing to support local farmers and food artisans - it means everything to us.