Simply Smoked Coho Salmon

Simply Smoked Coho Salmon

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Smoked Coho Salmon from Shoreline Wild Salmon. Cured with organic brown sugar and kosher salt, the salmon is then rinsed thoroughly and smoked over a combination of Hickory, Maple, Cherry, and Applewood.

The People Behind the Fish at Shoreline

"Shoreline Wild Salmon was founded in 2016 as we shipped our first cases of king and coho salmon from Alaska to Detroit. Born and raised in Michigan (and now an Alaska transplant), Marie Rose was determined to bring one of the best parts of Alaska back to her home state for Michiganders to enjoy. We started by primarily distributing the salmon caught on Joe’s boat, the F/V Tommy L II, and now help sell the catch from a number of friends in our fishing fleet who we are proud to work alongside.

We’ll be honest, there are only a few photos of the three of us together. When the salmon are running and we’re working to keep up with them, we rarely stop to take a photo. And when we do, we’re usually in our rain gear, smiling with circles under our eyes. Suppose you could say those photos are a pretty honest reflection of our lives, glamorous only if you consider the sparkling salmon scales stuck to our skin as a fashion statement. It’s actually quite rare to see the three of us in one place these days. While Joe is out fishing on the coast, Keith is in Pelican preparing to offload his catch and making ice for the fleet. Rose is usually about 100 miles north in Haines coordinating our sales and logistics, or traveling to meet with our customers down in Detroit. All hands are on deck, from catch to delivery. We make it happen— together."

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Sustainably-Sourced Wild Coho Salmon