Scallops, Large

Scallops, Large

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Scallops naturally contain 75 to 79% moisture depending on the animals spawning cycle. Processed scallops have 25% more “water” (Tripolyphosphate) added to bleach the scallops white and increase the size of the scallop. When looking at a 8 pound gallon of processed scallops just imagine that 32 ounces of Tripolyphosphate is in those scallops. Dry pack scallops are usually soaked overnight to add a smaller amount of moisture back into the scallop lost during processing and shipping. Tripolyphosphate is also used for this process. There is no regulation on the word “dry” and as long as the water added is under the required level of a processed scallop they can still use the word “dry”. So, imagine an undisclosed amount less than 32 oz of tripolyphosphate for most “dry” packed products for every 8 pound gallon. Our 100% Natural Fortune Fish Company scallops are never soaked or treated. The scallop is simply shucked and placed in the can.  

The meat of the scallop is nearly translucent, with a creamy look. 100% natural un-soaked scallops will have different color variations with pink and orange hues, because the scallops are not bleached through a soaking process. The meat is sweet, ranging from mild to salty. Scallops are delicate yet firm when cooked and should have a sweet, seaweed like scent. 

The wild scallop is fished with a trawl. Scallop fishing is highly regulated and the ocean is broken up into many different areas. These areas are opened and closed to allow the scallops to reproduce.

Atlantic Sea Scallops, like most proteins in nature contain between 76-80% moisture.  So it may strike you as unusual to hear the term ‘Dry’ attached to such a protein.  At Fortune Fish & Gourmet we pay close attention to quality. Providing you with delicious ‘Dry’ Sea Scallops from the worlds largest wild scallop fishery, the United States of America. So know your source and enjoy the finest seafoods available today.