Val's Rhubarb Cheesecake

Val's Rhubarb Cheesecake

Serves 8-12

Val LOVES Rhubarb Cheesecake!

Val is one of the masterminds behind selecting all the mouthwatering products you see when shopping with Zingerman’s. She just so happens to LOVE rhubarb and has long desired a new Bakehouse treat that features this tart Michigan crop. Our Classic Cheesecake is already packed with real vanilla bean and fresh cream cheese from our neighbors at Zingerman’s Creamery. In honor of Val, we took it to the next level and added a fresh swirl of tart rhubarb compote.


INGREDIENTS: farm cheese (pasteurized milk, cultures, microbial enzymes, sea salt), cream cheese (pasteurized milk and cream, salt, carob bean gum, cheese culture), sugar, rhubarb, organic wheat flour (organic wheat, malted barley), eggs, butter (pasteurized cream, natural flavorings), Sugars (confectioner sugar (sugar, cornstarch), honey), water, cream, egg yolks, confectioner sugar (sugar, cornstarch), honey, sea salt, vanilla extract (glycerin, alcohol, water, vanilla bean extractives), vanilla bean paste (sugar, water, vanilla extract, vanilla bean, xantham gum). INCLUDES: MILK, WHEAT, EGG