Paesano Bread, Sliced

Paesano Bread, Sliced

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This bread hails from the Puglia region of Italy. We make it with organic wheat flour and an organic cornmeal-dusted crust. And all those holes you'll find inside each loaf? We worked hard to put them there by making an extra-hydrated dough and giving the yeast plenty of time to work its bubbly magic. The end result is a tender, airy crumb that's perfect for passing around the table for ripping and dipping. It'll bring any dinner up a couple notches

Storage suggestion: Store in a paper bag, cut side down or bag in plastic and freeze.


organic wheat flour (organic wheat and malted barley), water, organic cornmeal (100%corn, unbleached, unbromated, unenriched), sea salt, yeast Contains: WHEAT. Organic Grains, Vegan, Vegetarian