Omega-3 Capsules, Plant-based

Omega-3 Capsules, Plant-based

60 tablets (30 day supply)
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Truvani’s plant-based omega is sourced from micro-algae called Schizochytrium, which is known for its high DHA content. These little algae produce DHA fatty acids and other beneficial compounds that support your brain and overall health. This hearty alga is also known for its unique ability to grow in abundance with little help…… making it a sustainable source of omega-3 fatty acid. And these algae were sourced initially from pristine waters in The Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia. They are then grown in a closed system to ensure our omega-3 avoids exposure to environmental pollutants like: Heavy metals, Microplastics & Pesticides.

We think it’s pretty neat that our Plant-Based Omega uses minimal processing, produces minimal freshwater waste, and does not impact ocean life. Plus, we use a water-based extraction process, so no chemical solvents involved. This process removes impurities, too. Which means no nasty fish burps. No gross smell. Just a clean-tasting, shelf-stable omega-3 supplement that you’re going to love.

Omega-3s can support:

  • Brain Health
  • Heart Health
  • Overall Wellness