Mascarpone Cheese 8oz | BelGioioso

Mascarpone Cheese 8oz | BelGioioso

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How to Enjoy This Cheese

Spread on bread in place of butter. Mix with pure maple syrup for fruit. Combine with espresso, sugar, eggs, cognac for Tiramisu. Melt into a fresh tomato sauce or combine with CreamyGorg® for a torte appetizer or creamy sauce for pasta.

About This Cheese

Our Classic version is a naturally sweet, yet surprisingly light cheese (1/2 the calories of butter.) Produced from only the freshest cream, its soft, creamy texture spreads with ease and blends well with other ingredients

  • Texture: Soft, creamy
  • Flavor: Slightly sweet, buttery
  • Appearance: White, creamy
  • Milk Source: Cow’s milk; rBST free


Pasteurized milk and cream, citric acid.