Hush Puppy / Fry Mix

Hush Puppy / Fry Mix

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Hush Puppy / Fry Mix. 100% Michigan Made at Westwind Milling Company in Swartz Creek, MI. 

Fry Mix:

  • Simple & healthy! Just put the desired amount of mix in a pie pan, press rinsed fish or chicken (or whatever protein of choice) into the mix, then fry or bake as usual.

Hush Puppies:

  • Add 1/2 cup sour milk or buttermilk (almond milk makes a great substitute!) to the entire mix, making a firm dough. If you like, add minced pepper, corn, or onion. Deep-fry spoonfuls in hot oil, until golden. They tend to float when done. Makes about 30 hush puppies.

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    Certified organic Michigan grown stone ground corn meal, organic onion powder, aluminum free baking powder, organic sugar, salt