Green Field Farms - Organic Raw Sauerkraut 24oz

Green Field Farms - Organic Raw Sauerkraut 24oz

24 oz Glass Jar
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Green Field Farms, Wooster, OH

Founded in 2003, and based just outside Wooster, Ohio...where the largest community of Amish families in the US reside, Green Field Cooperative was formed to revitalize the Amish Family Farms by providing customers fresh and nutritious foods and a brand that you can trust.

Locally grown organic cabbage combined with Himalayan Pink Salt. No additional water, vinegar, or whey is added to the process, ensuring that this raw live food will stay fresh for weeks if refrigerated. The centuries old Lacto-Fermentation process that Green Field uses protects the delicate enzymes it contains.


Organic Cabbage and Himalayan Pink Salt.