Foxglove Cheese 8oz | Tulip Tree

Foxglove Cheese 8oz | Tulip Tree

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This double cream, washed rind (stinky) cheese has a soft consistency (as shown in photo) when young and breaks down to a runny/scoopable cheese as it ages. It has an earthy, more pungent flavors created by a mixture of cultures (yeast, salt & beer) applied on the distinctive orange-colored rind. If you enjoy Epoisses style cheeses, this cheese may hit the spot. The Foxglove ages from four to twelve weeks.

Size: 8 oz. squares.

Milk Type: pasteurized cow

Style: double-cream, washed rind


Pasteurized Milk, Cream, Salt, Rennet (Vegetarian Friendly), Calciucmchloride, Cultures, Beer used for washing. CONTAINS: Milk, Wheat (from beer)