Amaranth Microgreens - Teenie Greenie

Amaranth Microgreens - Teenie Greenie

1 oz.
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Amaranth was cultivated by Aztecs and other cultures from tropical climates. It is actually an ancient kind of grain used in India. Very easy to digest, Amaranth microgreens are available in different colors, from light green to pink or dark red. They are fragile shoots that enhances beautifully any meal with color and a light sweet taste.


Vitamins K, E, and C, protein, calcium, iron, and beta-carotenes


Antioxidant, Activates digestion, Helps in cancer treatment, Boosts the immune system, Helps in treatment of cardiovascular disease and hypertension, Decreases hair loss and greying, Helps metabolize fatty acids into energy, Protects from Osteoporosis, Works as an appetite suppressant, Improves eyesight, Improves recovery from illness