Backyard Organic Cookout Kits

Brand new Organic Cookout Kits from Michigan Farm to Family! Each kit serves 8 and includes all the ingredients you will need to make a holiday feast — all while supporting local farms and food artisans. Scroll down to select your menu. Make sure to peruse all of our organic a la carte add-ons and condiments to fully customize your meal and make it your own.

Organic Potato Salad Cookout Kit ($4.62 / serving)

Includes Organic Yukon Gold Potatoes, Kalona Sour Cream, Organic Green Onions, Woodstock Foods -- Certified Organic Mayonnaise

Organic Baked Beans Cookout Kit ($4.25 / serving)

Includes Omena Organics Baked Beans, Pederson's Organic Applewood Smoked Bacon, Organic Yellow Onions, Organic Maple Syrup