Reilly Craft Creamery, Detroit

Small-batch Ice Cream crafted from 100% Organic, Grass-fed Milk

“I only use Organic milk and cream, truthfully, my standards are even higher than organic when I can get it. “ - Chris Reilly

Reilly Craft Creamery believes in making ice cream that respects and holds true to the traditional craft. They use real milk from real, grass eating, free roaming cows. They drive to Arenac County, Michigan every other week to Hill High Dairy where they source 100% Organic grass fed milk. Once back in Detroit, the milk and cream is crafted into small batches, using ingredients and flavors that compliment and enhance the taste of real pure ice cream. Most of the time they can tell you the origin of their ingredients either on their flavor board or on their website, and if you don’t see it or want to know more, just ask… they love talking about their products.

Chris Reilly, Proprietor and Head Ice Cream & Cheese Maker, has been making cheese for over 12 years and it’s his vision that led to the creation of Reilly Craft Creamery. Chris, a native of Farmington Hills, has lived in the city of Detroit for more than twenty years. He is a dedicated husband and the proud father of two girls. Chris believes in operating the business in a sustainable way that puts people and the planet before profit. And it’s this guiding principle that leads the decision making process as Reilly Craft Creamery continue on their journey of creamery perfection plus commerce.

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