Organic Valley from La Farge, Wisconsin

Certified Organic Dairy, Eggs, and Pastured Meats from Family Farms

In 1988, a group of seven farmers in the Midwest became fed up with the industrial chemical agricultural system that was making it more and more difficult for small, sustainable farms to survive. These seven like-minded farmers banded together to create a farmer-owned cooperative that allowed them to farm the way they always had, a natural way that protects the land, animals, and people’s health.

This farming cooperative grew as demand for organic foods grew and people in the community began regularly choosing their premium organic dairy products over other options. As the cooperative continued to expand to include farmers from all across the country, the Organic Valley name was created.

Now, after more than thirty years in business, Organic Valley has over 2,000 family farmers in its cooperative and produces some of the finest organic dairy, vegetables, soy, eggs, and organic pastured beef & turkey products. They believe that “organic farming nourishes our bodies, our communities, and our environment.” Organic Valley’s holistic vision is driven by principles, not profit, and their passion for sustainable farming comes through in their wholesome foods.

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