Naturally Nutty, Williamsburg

Organic Nut Butters with Chia, Hemp, & Flax


Katie Kearney's Story

Naturally Nutty Foods started in Katie Kearney's kitchen in July 2007. Her kids weren’t really eating nut butters because they didn’t like the taste or texture of the natural, organic butters. They needed the good fats/proteins as did she, being a vegan. With that thought and the love of cooking and creating, Katie played around in her kitchen with her Cuisinart until she came up with the perfect foundation. She felt that while she was at it, Katie needed to add that extra boost of health. What better way than adding organic flax and organic hemp, providing a major boost of omegas - 3, 6, and 9.

Katie felt the need to make sure that she used organic ingredients because, as a family, that is how they have eaten and why not share that with the world? Within a few months they started picking up accounts by taking clients samples and explaining how and why they started. What started as her personal mission has now grown to over 19 flavors of gourmet peanut butter, almond butter and sunflower butter in stores across the country. Each flavor and batch is handcrafted just like the first one with the intent of bringing health and a lot of happiness to her family and now thousands of friends.

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