Sunny Meadows Dairy, Homer

Grass-fed Cheese Produced in Small Batches by Wilbur Yoder, an Amish Farmer

Amish farmer, Wilbur Yoder produces Sunny Meadows Dairy cheese in small batches, collecting milk from other local Amish farmers. Most of the dairy farms have between 8-10 cows that they milk by hand.

All the cows are pastured in summer and only given grass/alfalfa mix, dry hay in the winter. They do not receive any grain, silage or baleage. The cows are a mix of Guernsey, Holstein and Jersey, making for high-butter fat milk. The cows are never given any antibiotics or hormones.

The milk is filtered and poured in stainless-steel cans and then chilled in a cold water bath to 38 degrees. Warm milk is never mixed with cold milk, which makes a higher-quality product, says Wilbur. The cheese is produced using a microbial rennet with no added colors, flavors, or preservatives.

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