Mackinac Straits Fish Company, St. Ignace

Wild-caught Fish from the Cold & Clear Waters of the Upper Great Lakes

Mackinac Straits Fish Company's fish is wild caught and their products are made with no preservatives, no artificial color, and no artificial flavors. Mackinac Straits harvests their catch form the cold and clear waters of the Upper Great Lakes. For optimum freshness, the fish are then processed within hours at their facility in St. Ignace, MI. Their ingredients are purposefully kept simple to bring out the natural freshwater flavor of their fish.

Mackinac Straits uses indigenous hardwoods, primarily sugar maple, in their smokehouse to give their products a distinctive flavor. If you're looking for a unique appetizer or to add fish to your family menu plan, consider Mackinac Straits Fish Company and rest assured you're buying wild-caught fish from the Great Lakes. We carry their spreads, links, and smoked whitefish as well as their frozen fillets.

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