Locavorious, Ann Arbor

Locally grown, non-GMO, frozen fruits and vegetables.

Locavorious preserves and provides local, Michigan-grown frozen produce. All during the harvest season they prep, pack and freeze perfectly ripe, locally and sustainably grown fruits and vegetables, then store them in their community freezer, allowing folks to eat local MI produce year-round. Read more below about the farms from all around Michigan that grow the food that Locavorious provides.

All Locavorious packaging is BPA-free. We use tamper-proof, transparent and re-sealable zip top bags and clear PET plastic containers so you can see the locally grown frozen food inside. All of our packaging is re-usable, and the containers are recyclable.

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Tantre Organic Farm, Chelsea, Michigan. A family-run, certified organic farm since 1993, Tantré Farm’s mission is to produce and distribute fresh, organic produce, while also serving as an educational, sustainable, and social network for the community.

Ann Arbor Organic Strawberries, Ann Arbor. In June 2016 this organic strawberry patch opened for u-pick to great acclaim. It is operated by Tantre Farm.

Goetz Family Farm, Riga, Michigan. The Goetz family have been stewards of the same land since 1905. Since the late 1970s they have been growing produce. Three geneations of our family provide the energy and expertise to operate our farm, with a focus on healthy soil, food safety, and organic practices.

Arbre Farms, Walkerville, Michigan. Established in 2009, Arbre Farms is a privately-owned business based in the heart of Western Michigan's vegetable country. Arbre produces over 15 locally-grown vegetables (both conventional and organic).

Todd Greiner Farms, Hart, Michigan. Established in 1994 by Todd and Sarah Greiner, the Greiners grow asparagus, zucchini, sweet corn, sweet and tart cherries, hard squash, peaches, apples, plums, and pumpkins. Just off the Lake Michigan shore, their location offers great weather conditions and a soil mix that is prominent in a sandy loam soil type meaning delicious asparagus and squash.

Leduc Blueberries, Paw Paw, Michigan. Established by the Leduc family in 1955, and still family-run. The Leducs operate their 400-acre farm on the principles of balancing family tradition and supporting their community.

North Star Organics, Frankfort, Michigan. Alan and Cheryl were the first cherry orchard in Michigan to go organic. Their tart cherries are the absolute best! You’ll end of just eating them straight out of the bag.

K&K Farms, Coloma, Michigan. “K&K” because Fred Koenigshof married Linda Kerlikowske. K&K, a long-running family operation, is famous for their peaches, and also grows raspberries, blackberries and apples using integrated pest management (IPM) and MEAP techniques.

MSU Student Organic Farm – Holt, Michigan. The Student Organic Farm was started in 1999 by a group of MSU students who were interested in learning to grow food sustainably, and by Horticulture Professor John Biernbaum researching possibilities for 4-season farming. USDA certified organic produce grown by students in the MSU organic farming training programs.

Daisy Farms, Dowagiac, Michigan. David Daisy continues a family farming tradition that started in the 1930s. Daisy Farms is primarily a plant breeder of strawberries, and share the delicious berries from those plants with Locavorious.

Coblentz Acres, Homer, Michigan. Amos Coblentz and his family operate a diversified, people-powered, organic practices farm in the Amish community in Homer, MI.

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