Hiday Grass Fed Yogurt from Burlington, MI

100% Grass Fed, Preservative-Free, Antibiotic-Free


There are so many yogurt brands out there on the market but this is by far the thickest creamiest best tasting yogurt we've ever put a spoon too. The first time I sampled it I put a spoon into a quart container. 45 minutes later, I'm embarrassed to report, I had finished it off. It's that good.

Dan Hiday converted their farm to 100% grass fed in 1993 and they've been raising beef cattle, dairy cattle and Mangalitsa hogs since then.

We've done a little bit of business with Dan but we are really excited about this yogurt. Nothing is added but the grass fed milk and milk cultures and it is made in very small batches. There are limited quantities and you won't find it in very many stores. We are excited to have it available for you.

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