Gunthorp Farms, Lagrange, Indiana

Pastured-raised Poultry

Okay, we know Gunthorp Farms isn't really a Michigan-based farm, but they are just south of the border in Lagrange, Indiana. And they are the best. Greg and his family have been raising hogs, chickens, and turkeys on their farm for the past 18 years, and they really have it figured out. They are truly local food heroes. Years ago, first time we visited Greg, we asked him where his hogs were. He pointed out to the thick woods and if we looked really hard, we could see them rooting around out there under the trees. The chickens and turkeys, always pastured and fed a diet supplemented with GMO-free grain which includes corn and soy, dot the hillside, and best of all, Greg butchers his own animals in the USDA inspected facility that he built right on his farm. His chickens are cornish cross breeds and are stunned before they are slaughtered. We take pride in offering the best poultry you will ever have from the Gunthorp Farm. Please visit Gunthorp Farms website to learn more.

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