Green Field Farms, Wooster, OH

Certified Organic, GMO-Free, Grade A, Cage-Free, Amish-Raised

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By the turn of the century, due to inflation, the high cost of land and highly mechanized agriculture, only 10 % of Amish families in the country were farms. Founded in 2003, and based just outside Wooster, Ohio...where the largest community of Amish families in the US reside, Green Field Cooperative was formed to revitalize the Amish Family Farms by providing customers fresh and nutritious foods and a brand that you can trust.

All Green Field Farms use horses to work the fields, which is an earth-friendly way to keep the atmosphere free of harmful products and helps prevent soil compaction which hinders microbial activity. Feed for the horses is grown on the land and the manure in turn is used to increase organic matter and fertilize the soil.

All the Cooperative farms are small, under 200 acres, which enables the farmers to give special attention to each field, ensuring that appropriate soil conditions are maintained. The Coop provides a Soil Amendment Program (SAP) that maintains the right balance of natural minerals and organic fertilizers

Farmers are audited by a third party inspection agency and are required to meet Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) standards, which require all water sources be tested for safety.

Certified Organic| GMO-Free | Raw | Vegan | Gluten Free | Amish Farmed
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