Michigan Farm to Family is proud to announce our brand-new online fish market. An expansive selection of fresh, refreshed, & frozen wild-caught sustainable seafood can now be delivered directly to your front door. 

How does it work?

  1. Browse and select from the biggest online fresh fish market in Michigan
  2. Fish mongers cut your fish the night before delivery
  3. Fish is stored and packed on ice in waterproof boxes or plastic packaging to assure freshness
  4. Fish is delivered to your home!

Does Michigan Farm to Family only carry fresh fish?

No. There are some fish that need to be frozen in order to be shipped from where they are caught to Michigan. We separate our fish into three well-marked and distinct "freshness" categories:

  • Fresh: Fish & Seafood that has NEVER been frozen
  • Refresh: Fish & Seafood frozen at time of catch and defrosted for delivery
  • Frozen: Fish & Seafood frozen at time of catch and delivered frozen

Which fish are from Michigan?

It depends on the season. We will always strive to keep as much Michigan seafood on our page as possible, but we also want to maintain a wide variety of options from across the world. Certain types of fish are simply impossible to source from our beloved Mitten State. That is why we choose to specifically highlight fish from Michigan. Of course, availability is dependent on fishing conditions in the Great Lakes. Look below to see our current selection of fresh, never frozen, Michigan fish: