Calder Dairy

Small Batch Milk from Carleton, MI


Calder Dairy is located in Carleton, MI, and was established in 1946 with Bill Calder’s Air Force bonus check. Calder's milk comes from Holstein, Brown Swiss, and Jersey Cows that are fed high quality, home-grown forage and grain, and enjoy lots of love and care. All milk is small-batch, pasteurized at the dairy, and contains no rBST (milk producing hormones).

If you haven't tried Calder's Creamline yet... you should. It is not homogenized so the butterfat does not get dispersed throughout the milk. Instead it floats to the top, so you get milk just like your great grandmother had on her farm. You can mix the butterfat right into the milk or scoop it out and treat yourself to a buttery topping on your toast or as a creamer in your morning cup of joe. Calder Dairy is not GMO-Free.

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