Subscription Bundles are Back!

June 13, 2020

We Are Happy to Announce that We Can Again Honor Your Subscription Orders, Plus We Are Open to New Subscribers.

In the height of the outbreak of the new coronavirus, our country was facing many challenges with the supply chain, and Michigan Farm to Family was not able to count on our meat sources and processors supplying meat consistently. Therefore, we had to temporarily suspend our monthly subscription program. However, since then, we have found new sources of healthy, wholesome meat. Also, as our society gradually moves toward a new version of normalcy and the supply chain is functioning again, the farms we have traditionally sourced from are able to replenish their supplies with us.

All of this means that Michigan Farm to Family has an abundant amount of delicious meat that was raised in humane and sustainable conditions. We are happy to be able to honor your monthly subscription orders again, and we welcome new subscribers to sign up for this convenient service. Now you can get a monthly supply of selected cuts of meat, delivered right to your door or to a convenient pickup location.

Subscriptions Not Vendor Specific

One slight change in our process is that the grass fed and organic beef orders will no longer be vendor-specific. We will not interchange grass fed and organic. So, if you ordered organic you will always get organic, and if you ordered grass fed you'll always get grass fed. For example, if you ordered Zimba organic, you may get Strauss organic instead. Or, if you ordered grass fed Egeler, you may get grass fed Thousand Hills instead.

The same thing applies to chicken orders: if you order organic chicken, you may get organic Smart Chicken rather than organic Miller’s chicken, depending on what is available. We are fully satisfied with all of our meat sources, so you can trust that you are getting products that have been carefully chosen to meet our high standards, no matter which farm they are from.

New Bundle & For 1st Time Subscribers

In addition, we are excited to offer a new buffalo bundle from Blackwing Meats. The buffalo bundle consists of two packages of patties, two ribeyes, two NY strips, and one package of kabob meat. Perfect for grilling season!For first-time subscribers, receive five pounds of ground beef FREE with your first bundle. Depending on your subscription bundle you will receive either organic or grass fed beef. If you are subscribing for breakfast, pork, or chicken bundles, please indicate in the comment section when placing your order whether you would like organic or grass fed.

Price Changes

As we continue to navigate through the challenges of the Covid-19 outbreak, you may notice that a few of our prices have actually gone down, many of our prices have stayed the same, but some of our prices have gone up a bit. This is due to the fact that our suppliers are changing and some are charging us more. As the prices of the suppliers go down in the future, when we can, we will pass those savings on to you and bring our prices back down as well.

Even though society is starting to open up and go back to work, there is still some risk of exposure to coronavirus. So, it is even more important than ever to feed our families with healthy, nourishing food and limit exposure through no contact delivery services. Michigan Farm to Family is glad to be able to fill that need by offering subscription deliveries of grass fed and organic meat raised on small, sustainable farms. 

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