Newly Harvested Certified Organic Pork from Hi-Lo Farms in Portland, Michigan!

March 2, 2018

Local, Newly Harvested, Freshly Frozen, 
Certified Organic, Pastured Pork!

We just harvested 5 certified organic hogs from our friends at Hi-Lo Farms in Portland, Michigan (between Lansing and Grand Rapids). And, as far as we know, these are the only certified organic hogs raised in Michigan available! We're pleased to be able to offer this fine Michigan pork to you.

Five hogs sounds like a lot but we really only get around 130 pounds of pork from each hog. It will go quick, so get your orders in soon! If you are one of the first 30 customers who has $40 or more of our organic pork on their next order you will get 5% off your whole order, in addition to any other discounts you might have. We will let you know when you place your order if you qualify.

Hi-Lo Farms takes the utmost care with breeding and raising their certified organic and GMO-free pigs. Without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics, your family consumes nothing but nature’s best. Plus, when you purchase Hi-Lo Certified Organic Pork, you're supporting the tradition of heritage breeds and a family farm with roots going back to just two years after Michigan first became a state!

Back in 1839, the Keilen family purchased 80-acres to grow the refreshingly cool herb, peppermint. A hybrid of watermint and spearmint, this peppermint farming family lost all of their crop to floods and frost in 1959. Distraught by the ruthlessness of Mother Nature, the family decided it was time to shift gears to hog farming.

Almost 180 years later, a grandson, Aaron, now owns 700 acres of primarily organic land. Raising heritage breeds of Gloucester Spot, American Spot, and Duroc hogs, these fine swine are only fed organic grains grown on the farm. Never housed in stalls or crates, these sows are treated humanely with access to deep bedding in the winter and fresh air and green pastures in the summer. So, order now to try pork from this fine Michigan farmer and save! 

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