How Much Freezer Space Do I Need?

October 24, 2018

Fitting It All In

Our meat comes frozen in vacuum sealed packages. And, you probably have more room in your refrigerator freezer than you think. Twenty-five pounds of meat only requires 1 cubic foot of space. To put that in perspective, the average standard refrigerator with a freezer up top or side-by-side has approximately 2.5 to 7 cubic feet of freezer space. 

Of course, the more meat you purchase at once the more economical it can be. If you have a big family, or like to buy in bulk, a deep or upright freezer may be your best alternative. You can often find gently-used freezers for a bargain. But, that may not be necessary.

If you want to purchase meat from Michigan Farm to Family, just take a few minutes to quickly organize your freezer! Once you do, you may find you'll be able to order enough to take advantage of our 1/8 of a Grass-fed or Certified Organic Steer or more.

Keep in mind, planning for the week ahead, you'll also want to put some of your order in your refrigerator so that it thaws. There's nothing quicker to prepare during the week than a succulent steak or pork chop dinner. With a little planning ahead, you'll have no worries and will be able to fit it all in!


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