FEED YOUR FAMILY FOR LESS: Bulk Beef Savings to Stock your Freezer

October 10, 2018


Save on Grass-fed or Organic Beef

From Egeler or Zimba Farms

Our Best Prices! Save:
$300 Off Whole 
$200 Off 1/2
$100 Off 1/4

Feed your Family for Less!

Approximate weight varies, savings will be applied to total
Buying in bulk is the best way to save and these are our very best prices ever! Enjoy the convenience of having your freezer stocked with grass-fed or organic ground beef, steaks, stew meat, and roasts for any occasion. The best part is that you're feeding your family healthy food and supporting Michigan farms at the same time! Egeler Family Farm, located near Ludington, pastures their cattle most of the year and they are fed GMO-free hay in a spacious barn when the weather is too harsh. Zimba Organic Beef Steers, in Deford, are pastured and 97% grass-fed, but supplement in the winter with organic grass hay, corn grasses, some young corn kernels, and baleage. 

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