Answers to Your Questions about Substitutions

May 15, 2020

Due to the circumstances of these unusual times, we are finding substitutions to be very helpful in filling some of our orders. As disruptions to the food supply chain continue, Michigan Farm to Family continues to work hard to find multiple sources of the healthy, high-quality foods that we provide. For instance, we are currently working with several beef, pork, and chicken providers that meet our standards, and we are bringing more on in the next couple of weeks. That way, we are more able to maintain a steady supply of offerings for our customers.

This redundancy of supply also allows us, when necessary, to fill most orders by substituting the same cut of meat that you ordered, from a different supplier. For instance, we may be running low on Michigan 100% Grass Fed Beef (our processor just closed for the next two weeks) but we will usually have the same item from Strauss or Thousand Hills (whom we are bringing on next week). 

Because our country is currently facing so many supply chain challenges, we ask that you allow us to substitute the item you have ordered with the same item from a different source without contacting you in advance. In the past we would normally call you to request permission, but because this is now more commonplace, we don't have the resources to make these calls.

If you prefer that we not make a substitution for the same items from a different source, please make that note in the comment section when you place your orders.

Thank for your cooperation, and you can look for new pork, chicken and poultry sources in the next week or two. Also, please remember Michigan Farm to Family is following social distancing and Michigan's stay home, stay healthy guidelines. Please remain at a safe distance and stay in your car or home while we drop off your order. If picking up at our warehouse, please call 734-662-6383 when you arrive, and we will bring your order out to your car. 


Bill Taylor, CFO(Chief Foraging Officer) 

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