Beeler's Pure Pork, Madison County, Iowa

Antibiotic, Hormone, Added Nitrate, and GMO Free

We are proud to carry pork products from Beeler’s Pork, based in Madison County, Iowa. Though we strive to source mainly from local Michigan farms, once in awhile we find one a little farther afield, and decide it is worth the extra distance because they reflect our values so well. That is the case with Beeler’s Pork. The Beeler family has been farming on the same land since 1846. They still stick to the same simple, humane and natural way of raising pork that their ancestors started so many years ago, resulting in six generations of wholesome high standards and six generations of superior pork.

How do they make such mouth-watering meat without any artificial enhancement? The answer is the European “Red” Duroc breed of pig. With beautiful texture, marbling, and the perfect pH, this breed of pig produces meat that is juicy, tender, and full of flavor. With meat this naturally delicious, simplicity is the Beeler recipe for success.

Raised without antibiotics and growth promotants, Beeler’s hogs are given the highest quality non-GMO feed and plenty of space to roam free. In addition, by using only natural spices, all Beeler’s pork is free of chemicals such as ractopamine (paylean), nitrites, nitrates, MSG, phosphates, and gluten, so you can feel good about serving it to your family and friends. It is a win/win situation when pork that is so pure and healthy tastes so incredibly good.

According to the Beeler’s website, “giving consumers a choice has always been the cornerstone of our family’s values. It’s why we go to great lengths to provide pork options devoid of questionable chemicals and practices.” We couldn’t agree more. At Michigan Farm to Family, we like to give our consumers the option to choose pure, natural, and wholesome foods as well. Even if it means sourcing from select farms outside of Michigan once in awhile. Some of the Beeler’s products we offer include hams, (on sale now!), various types of ground pork, and pork tenderloin. We hope you enjoy the naturally tasty pork from this wonderful farm!

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