About Us

A Precious Michigan Tradition

Michigan Farm to Family is a new initiative of Eat Local Eat Natural, where our mission is to find local farmers and processors who use farming methods that are healthy, humane, and sustainable and who often have challenges reaching the local markets that require refrigerated transportation. Until 2015, we have focused on connecting these farmers with restaurants and other retail outlets hungry for locally grown products.

In 2016, we launched Michigan Farm to Family, the goal of which is to connect your family with these same producers, all of whom meet our requirements for agricultural practices that are healthy, sustainable, and humane. We strive to work within 150 miles of our warehouse in Ann Arbor, and we work exclusively with small family farms.

We know that when we work with these farmers we are keeping the precious tradition of the small family farm alive. By purchasing their products, we contribute to and participate in:

  • Supporting the farmers’ economic livelihood
  • Supporting sound environmental stewardship
  • Supporting humane animal husbandry practices
  • Supporting healthy eating

Our focus is sustainability–of the land, small farms, the local economy, and our own health and that of our families. Happily, every year we see more people starting small farms, and we see existing farmers converting to healthier and more sustainable practices.

Buying local is here to stay.


Our Mission: Know Farms–Know Food

  • To support the sustainability of small local farms and our local food system
  • To support sustainable, environmentally friendly, and humane agricultural practices
  • To provide transparency in the food chain so you can know where your food is coming from and how it was raised
  • To support your health and the health of your family by providing real food, locally raised


For Your Family


  • Satisfaction. You know that you are supporting small local family farms that use sound and sustainable farming practices
  • Confidence. In this day and age of factory farming and ambiguous labeling, you can be confident that the food you are eating is sustainably produced and you know where it comes from
  • Real food. You know that you are feeding your family wholesome, unadulterated foods that will keep your family healthy
  • Cost advantages. Real food from small local farms becomes more affordable because we bypass the retailer and get these foods directly to you. Plus, bundles are available to save you even more

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