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At Michigan Farm to Family we are driven by a desire to get locally-produced, healthy foods to you and your family. Every product we offer is carefully procured to match our mission:


Our products will support practices that encourage care and consciousness of our beautiful state and the creatures that live within it. Organic farming, seasonal rotation, and ecofriendly and humane practices ensure that our land and animals are not compromised and that we can produce food with a system that lasts through generations.


Our products will be appraised in their ability to nourish our customers. This means that we will avoid products with unnecessary additives, artificial ingredients, chemical pesticides/herbicides, and bioengineered (GMO) ingredients. We believe the food is at its nutritional best in its most natural, whole state.


Our products bring Michigan families closer. We open the doors for you to know your farmers, to see where your food comes from, and to choose items that are close to home (in both ways!). We promote seasonally available foods not only for their sustainability, but because they are also deeply rooted in our beloved Michigan traditions.


Our team is actively closing the gaps in areas of Michigan that are considered to be ‘food deserts’, bringing an amazing selection of food right to your doorstep! Real food from small local farms and food artisans becomes more affordable because we bypass the retailer and get these foods directly to you. Plus, bundles are available to save you even more.
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